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Project Management

Sandar provides project and program managers for business change projects. Experienced technical leads are certified with PRINCE2 or PMI credentials.

The 10 elements of project management are represented in the graphic to the right. It is based on the Project Management Institute's PMBoK.

The links to the templates provide samples and advice that can be adapted to meet the particular needs of business.


  ● Project and Program Roles (275kB)
  ● Building Rapport Handout (100kB) 
  ● Communication Planning Overview (69kB) 
  ● Benefits Realisation Library Worksheet (60kB) 
  ● 5x5 Excel Project Risk Matrix Sample (60kB) 
  ● Business Readiness Go-Live Roadmap (62kB) 
  ● Bananas and Monkeys Cultural Development (44kB) 
  ● High Performance Assessment Tool (44kB) 
  ● Emotional Intelligence Worksheet (240kB) 
  ● Organisational Frames Worksheet (63kB) 
  ● Project Governance Documents Chart (275kB) 
  ● Project Governance Decision Gates (234kB) 
  ● Project Concept Document Template (99kB) 
  ● Option Evaluation Report Template (101kB) 
  ● Detailed Business Case Template (104kB) 
  ● Change Management In Projects (60kB) 
  ● RASCI Accountability Matrix Technique (49kB) 
  ● How to Set Up a PMO / Project Office (311kB) 
  ● Mindmap for Creating a PMO (126kB) 
  ● Risk and Issues Cycle In Projects (279kB) 
  ● Scaled Agile Framework Intro (SAFe 4.0) (352kB) 
  ● How to Fix A Failing Project (115kB) 
  ● What's in the PRINCE2 Approach - An Overview (85kB) 
  ● Scaling PRINCE2 - A3 Printable Guide (555kB) 

Interim Managers solve issues 

Project and Program Management

When a large project is made up of several other projects that are dependent on each other, it becomes something bigger - a program.

Programs can be further grouped into Portfolios. Often businesses choose to have a similarly related arrangements of project offices.  A Project Management Office (PMO), a Program Management Office (PgMO), and an Enterprise Project Management Office EPMO). Programs can become difficult to manage for one person, so delegating individual projects is often recommended. Similarly with larger projects, stream leads may take over the detailed work of some elements.

Outlining objectives, planning execution, managing operations, and reporting on status are just a few of the functions involved in carrying out a successful program.

Projects are temporary undertakings that generally come with cost, date, and resource constraints. Meanwhile, programs are made up of several underlying projects. Programs normally focus on meeting one overarching goal and business objective.

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