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Interim Management - Contract Staff

Contractors can help you with delivery of your plans and projects.  Often our very experienced people have additional skills that can be applied to the broader business context.

There is a difference between a temporary interim employee who takes full responsibility for a role and a contract project manager who delivers a specific outcome and moves on.

The market knows the value of Maternity Leave replacements, but that full-responsibility role is less well used in other areas of the Australian labour market.

Building up knowledge and experience to work in the C-Suite takes many years and that higher level expertise exists in Sandar for interim assignments where you need a broader range of skills.

When you need someone to cover that unexpected absence, or that urgent business deliverable, or the unplanned oversees assignment that leaves you with a local employee gap, call us to find your immediate expert stand-in.

The position descriptions below can be used as a functional guide:

Interim Managers solve issues 

Interim Management On-call Now

Sandar understands your need for flexibility in an environment of constantly changing workloads and business needs. That’s why we provide specialist contractors and interim managers. We make sure you have access to expert professionals, when you need them.

Our interim General and Executive Managers can step into your business and make quality decisions, while you can get on with longer term and more important issues. Often you don't just need the right person, you also need them quickly. Whether you have a specialist one-off project in finance, change management, information technology; or a key staff is unavailable for periods of time, Sandar has the right person for your business so you don't lose crucial momentum on your projects and revenue streams.

Our people specialise by industry and function, so you know you are working with someone who knows the intricacies and culture of your market. We have executive and C-Suite contractors available for immediate solution of your demand issue. 

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