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Change Leadership Vs Change Management

Change management delivers project outputs. It provides: planning, vendor engagement, scheduling and systems. Change leadership ensures that the people come with you on the journey and are engaged in delivering a sustainable outcome.

Sandar offers special skills in change management and benefit realisation. With over 20 years experience in establishing business requirements, project managing outcomes, and communicating the need for change to stakeholders, Sandar has a reputation for delivering cultural and transformational change projects. Email to arrange an obligation free chat from one of our change agents.

Click here to access the PODS methodology for change leadership, and access tools and ideas to help you realise your move to a new and improved future.

Just as the leaves regularly change colour with the seasons, businesses need to renew themselves reinvigorating their service delivery and motivating their employees. To mangle an oft used quote: "If you are not moving forward, you are going backwards - there is no such thing as maintaining the status quo in business".

Sandar provides change managers to all sizes of organisation and can help you with your immediate needs:

  • business readiness planning
  • change manager recruitment and supply
  • change design
  • communication planning
  • mergers and acquisitions due diligence
  • business case development
  • project office creation and management
  • business process mapping / technical writing
  • strategic and operational planning
  • competitor analysis / business analysis
  • digitalisation of plan rooms and records
  • leadership development
  • group and meeting facilitation

Interim Managers deliver results 

Business Change Projects

You could argue that all projects are business change projects. Strategic change is important for business continuity. It ensures that the right culture is in place to attract the right employees. It's about projecting the right image of your business in an ever increasingly environmentally-aware and socially-connected marketplace. Planned change lets you deal with financial global changes, with market place turbulence, with necessary process improvements and still keep the business running on an even keel.

Where is your strategic and business plan for the next 10 years taking you? What is your future-state operating model?

What are the impacts of those plans? What actions are you taking to prepare your people and your systems?

End-to-end business change management is essential to ensure changes are effective and sustained. Communication, people engagement, training and management of resistance are key elements to any change.

Sandar helps businesses understand the change needs and facilitates the outcomes. Some of our recent change projects have included:
  • organisational development strategy for a mining company dealing with a cyclic market
  • change management for a new Corporate Finance system
  • end-to-end management of the introduction of project governance systems
  • engagement of 200 organisational leaders in a standard way to manage change projects
  • team effectiveness training using development tools like DISC, Situational Leadership II, and MBTI
  • assessment centre management for succession planning in the finance industry
  • introduction of whole-of-business ERPs in transport, engineering, insurance, and whole industries
  • business-wide implementation of ISO 9000  and ISO 14000 certification for a multinational engineering company

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